Dr. Hasan Aydilek

Medical Director / Founder of Sanita Health Group

Clinic of Implantology & Dental Surgery

Dr. Hasan Serhat Aydilek who worked in a private practice in Istanbul for lots of years, founded Sanita, the dental hospital giving services in Istanbul after founding of 3 different dental hospitals and managing them for 5 years. Dr.Hasan Serhat Aydilek who continues his careeer in Sanita with his team of experts is also working as a consultant dentist for many implant firms.

Throughout his professional life, he has participated as a participant and speaker in many dental congresses in Turkey and abroad. Dr. Hasan Serhat Aydilek shares his studies in the field of closed implant surgery and guide assisted implant applications in the congress presentations.

Dr. Aydilek who took place in lots of dentistry congresses during his career as a participant or speaker usually shares his research about closed implant surgery and guide supported implant applications.


  • Istanbul University Capa Faculty of Dentistry
  • International Implant Foundation, Switzerland

Foreign Language:

  • İngilizce

Fields of Expertise

  • Bicortical Implant Systems where implant and prosthetic gets constructed together,also known as Immediate Loading
  • Closed Implant Surgery and Guide Supported Implant applications