ortodonti tedavisi

What Is Orthodontics (Orthodontology)

Before answering the question of what is orthodontology stating that it has the same meaning with orthodontics is necessary. So you can use orthodontology instead of orthodontics too. The dental expertise that diagnose and cure crooked tooth and incompetant jaw relations called orthodontics. Doctors who are experts on this area are called orthodontists.

Orthodontic treatment is a way to straighten or move the teeth to improve their looks and function.Also by distributing the biting force to all teeth orthodontic treatments can help the long period health of your teeth,gums and jawbones.

On Orthodontic treatment information page we will search the answers for why should ı have an orthodontic treatment? What are the benefits of it ? Which ages are okay for orthodontic treatment.

Why Do Orthodontic Problems Occur?How is it treated?

Since we have answered the question of what is orthodontology we can provide information about why the problems that this area examines occur and how they are treated. Jaw related disorders are usually hereditary. In such cases a treatment program is prepared based on the age of the patient. If the lower or upper jaw is behind in adolescents treatment is taken care by orthodontic methods. Some jaw incompatibilities also occur due to dysfunction. For example upper jaw takes V form on people who breathes through their mouth.

People who use too many false pacifiers or bottles in infancy or childhood, who suck their finders, who eat nails may develop orthodontic disorders. Habits should be avoided as early as possible. In this way skeletal disorders that can be prevented with a use of simple apparatus. If there is a stench in the upper jaw it can be treated with apparatus.

Sometimes children get the bone structure from one parent and the tooth size from the other. In cases where the jaw is big and the teeth are small there is a gap formed between the teeth.A tongue bigger than the normal size or spaces in mouth as a result from extracted tooth are other reasons for gaps between teeth. Such conditions can only be overcome with orthodontology treatments.

Can Orthodontic Treatment Be Performed At Any Age

There are no age restrictions in the orthodontics treatment. But depending patients age the treatment duration and plan can change. Recently orthodontic treatments for adults around the World has begun to gain popularity. Moreover aesthetic problems can be prevented by using porelain brackets.

Sometimes orthodontic treatment can be applied for preparation fort he prosthesis in order to make a better prosthetic. In this way the teeth become more suitable fort he prosthesis. Such treatments are usually completed within 4 to 12 months.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Painful?

During application and during the intermediate sessions patients definately do not feel any pain. However after the insertion of dental braces scars on the cheek can occur after few days. The healing process of these scars is 1 week and the reocurrence of these scars are very low. Scars can occur again in rare cases like bracket rupture and wire breakage. These king of problems can be resolved with the small touches of dentist.

Ortodonti nedir sorusunun yanında ayrıca, hastalara ilk seansta mum verilir ev bu mumu telin acıttığı bölgeye yerleştirerek diş hekimi gelen kadar meydana gelebilecek iritasyonun önüne geçilebilir. Teller takıldıktan sonra dişler sıkıldığından sert yiyecekler yerken ufak bir sızı olabilir.


Orthodontic treatment is the treatment of irregularities caused by congenital missing or subsequent loss of teeth, incompatible development of lower and upper jaws.

Irregularities on the teeth structure can cause cleaning problems and therefore cause easy decays of the tooth, gum problems and jaw problems on coming ages.Thats why orthodontic treamtents are very effective on prevention of oral health. Also it gives the patient an aesthetic look.

On orthodontic treatment various braces and plaques are placed over teeth known as dental braces after a detailed investigation.


Orthodontic examinations include detailed examination of the jaws , faces and teeth of children and adults. The success of this treatment is achieved by patient regularly visiting the dentist and the dentist examining the development of the patient under long controls.

For this reason while children have both milk and normal teeth in their mouth; positions of the teeth and their closure, presence of teeth that does not come out yet must be determined by the orthodontist.

All parents have their childrens crooked teeth problems i.e orthodontic treatments in the period of growth and development without leaving them to adulthood, making the treatment simpler and quicker. The cost of orthodontic treatment performed at this stage also costs less too.

The effect and duration of orthodontic treatment in patients with early developmental age is shorter but the treatment can also be succesfully applied to patients who did not have the treatment at growing age. The important thing here is to follow the routine examinations and control schedules.