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Teeth whitening is a whitening procedure applied by expert dentists to improve the look of your teeth. Lots of factors including diet and lifestyle can cause color changes in teeth over time. Teeth whitening is a painless procedure that can boost your confidence and renew your smile.

Most of our patients need teeth whitening. A visit made for teeth whitening procedure can open the color of your teeth 5-8 tones and take 45-60 minutes.


Teeth whitening is a chemical whitening process that takes one session and performed for obtaining the desired whiteness or the old color of the teeth.

After cleaning the area of tooth a specially made whitening gel gets placed above the teeth and gets activated by the help of laser.

With the help of advancing Technologies whitening process can be done in a fast way without harming the enamel of tooth.


Teeth bleaching is the process of cleaning the plaque and tartar occuring on teeth over time. If developing of tartar and tooth Stones on tooth are allowed, bacteria formation can occur in time. The main purpose of cleaning and bleaching is making the tooth surface clean and smooth. In this way bacteria cant harm tooth health by damaging teeth.

Teeth bleaching prevents gum diseases.

Teeth bleaching process is known as the most powerful method to prevent gum diseases. Because dealing with gum diseases require elemination of plaques, tartar and the bacteria that takes place in the gums. With proper hand tools or ultrasonic devices these harmful stuff gets eleminated. These tools are definately not harmful to the enamel of tooth. When cleaning tooth Stones air, water and a special cleaning powder are used as well.



Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Bleaching is a single-stage procedure for the purpose of restoring the original color of tooth…